Welcome to Sand Theory. Are You Ready To Join Our Tribe?

Gregory Bennati on
Welcome to Sand Theory. Are You Ready To Join Our Tribe?

We are a growing tribe of travelers, adventurers, and thrill-seekers from every part of the globe.

We believe those moments you spend exploring the world are timeless. Sand Theory wants to help you carry those moments with you as you carve out your own path in life.

A Sand Theory State of Mind

Sand Theory is a mindset, a way of being.

It’s trying new things, visiting unfamiliar places and making each and every moment count. It’s a craving for adventure and a desire to explore. You might feel it on the beach, in the desert or on a mountaintop.

Sand Theory is also about recognizing that we have a responsibility to protect the Earth so that the next generation of travelers can enjoy it just as much as we do.

Wear Sand Theory, Live Sand Theory

Sand Theory products are cool, high-quality and durable, made to last through the greatest adventures of your life.

We launched Sand Theory’s first line of products in August. We wanted to start, fittingly, by honoring our favorite destination - our home of Miami Beach. Now, we offer the Miami Classic bracelet, with marbled beads in six colors ranging from earthy blue to chic black We also offer the light, carefree Miami Voyager in six colors ranging from vibrant red to laid-back grey.

If you’re like us, a sunny beach is your happy place, but you hate squinting in the sun. That’s why we also launched a line of Sand Theory hats to offer your face some much-needed shade after a long day of surfing or swimming. Each hat features our hourglass logo, which we hope will serve as a reminder to treasure every passing moment.

The Sand Theory Origin Story

Sand Theory was born, quite simply, out of a love for the beach.

Our founder, Greg, has always felt most at home in the ocean, and the beach is where he’s spent his most memorable moments. Like many of you, he feels most himself when surrounded by sand and saltwater.

But something happened last March. Spring Break had just ended, and the hundreds of visitors relaxing on his local Miami Beach had cleared out. Unfortunately, they had left an unpleasant sight behind: The landscape was now covered in piles of garbage and debris as far as the eye could see. Looking around, Greg felt like his community’s sanctuary had been desecrated. It was then and there that he decided that he had to do something to help protect the beaches he loves.

Enter: Sand Theory. Greg wanted to create a product that would serve as a constant reminder of how sacred and meaningful a clean beach is. Each Sand Theory pendant is infused with sand, sourced from your very favorite beach destinations.

The bracelets aren’t just eye candy: Sand Theory’s commitment to improving the beaches is built into our business model. We donate a percentage of our profits to charities that promote beach preservation and restoration, in hopes of improving, sustaining and protecting beaches near and far.

Coming Soon from Sand Theory

As we expand, we’ll be organizing beach cleanups at exciting locations all over the world. As we reveal each new mystery location, you’ll be able to watch the Sand Theory mission grow in real-time.

Keep an eye out for our September launch, when we will unveil a new line of products designed to make your beach day a whole lot more stylish. You’ll be able to customize your look via Sand Theory hats, towels, bags and more.

Thanks for letting us join you on your journey. We can’t wait to see what great moments await our tribe.