Here’s Why Science Says You Should Be Taking More Vacations

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Here’s Why Science Says You Should Be Taking More Vacations

Here at Sand Theory, we live for our vacation time which is the vision that inspired us to create our line of travel bracelets for men and women. Nothing beats the thrill of exploring a new place, and there’s nothing more meaningful than the memories you bring back. As bonafide vacation junkies, we have always believed that those weekend camping trips or island getaways are more than mere fun -- they’re spiritually-cleansing and emotionally-renewing experiences.

As it turns out, there’s a growing mountain of scientific evidence backing us up. Researchers have found that vacations benefit us both physically and emotionally improving everything from our cardiovascular health to our sleep cycle and even our creativity!

And yet, thanks to our workaholic culture, Americans are generally trending downward when it comes to logging those vacation hours. In fact, over the past 15 years, we’ve lost, on average, a full week of vacation time according to the Harvard Business Review. That means we’re missing out on those seven glorious days suntanning in Miami or surfing the Australian waves every single year! Just in case you need a little more persuading before you go ahead and buy that plane ticket to Miami, we’ve rounded up a list of all the important ways that the magic of vacation can make you happier and healthier.

Vacations Help You Recover From Stress

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If your brain feels like it’s about to explode, maybe it’s time to step away from the computer for a few minutes… or a few days. In one 
Austrian study, a simple four-day vacation had a “large, positive and immediate effects” on stress and strain felt by middle-management workers. Best of all, the happy travelers were still feeling their vacation high a full six weeks later. When it comes to reducing stress, taking short and frequent vacations is the way to go, according to a study in Leisure Sciences. So what are you waiting for? Plan that beach weekend getaway and keep those memories with you with one of our sand bracelets!

Regular Trips Keep Your Heart Healths

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Watching the sunset in a foreign country isn’t just heartwarming -- it’s literally healthy for your heart. One 
study found that men who took regular vacations were 30% less likely to develop heart problems. A similar study found women’s heart health also benefits greatly. Now that’s some science we can really fall in love with.

Going on Vacation Improves Your Sleeping Habits

Vacationing improves the sleeping habits

One Air New Zealand study found that all those extra zzz’s you catch while on vacation can have a significant impact on your sleep patterns when you get home, as reported by the New York Times. After just a few days on vacation, subjects were averaging one whole extra hour of quality sleep time. That’s because the sanctuary of a hotel room helps disrupt some of your poor sleeping habits, like staying up till midnight checking your work email. This, in turn, resets your internal clock.

A Trip to the Beach Makes Your Brain More Productive

A trip always makes your brain more productive

Nobody does their best work when they’re fantasizing about being at the beach. That’s why scheduling in some time for adventure practically guarantees you’ll be more productive during office hours. According to an internal study done by Ernst and Young, every additional 10 hours of vacation time an employee takes correlates with a year-end performance improvement of 8 percent, as reported by the 
New York Times. So theoretically, if you take a vacation today, your boss should thank you come December.

Vacationing with People You Love Strengthens Relationships, Which Helps Your Health

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All that bonding time you log while on vacation isn’t just fun; it’s vital to forming lasting, meaningful relationships. Unsurprisingly, vacation activities were found to be  “valuable contributors to family cohesion” in one 
study resulting in greater familial happiness and more satisfying marriages. If you wish to commemorate these golden memories shared with friends and family, check out our collection of bracelets for men and women. You can even gift these matching sand bracelets to your group of travelers!

A Weekend Getaway Boosts Your Mood

Vacationing boost your mood

Whether you’re climbing mountains in Argentina or swimming the oceans in Nice, chances are you’re not spending too much time on your vacation feeling gloomy. This can have a lasting effect. According to one 
study, workers who take regular vacations are less likely to experience depression and more likely to exhibit positive emotions. That road trip-induced mood boost, in turn, helps to improve the mental health of those around you according to another Swedish study. Must be all those good vibes you soak up along the way!

Some Time Away From the Office = More Time on Earth... Literally

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Vacations make you love life, but they also make you live longer. According to one 
Finnish study, vacations actually increased longevity. Keep one of our sand bracelets with you to serve as a reminder of why you should not be afraid to ask for those vacations days!

Vacations Increase Creativity and Deep Thinking

 Vacation increases your creativity level

Vacations get you outside of the usual hamster wheel of your everyday life. But taking your brain on vacation disrupts general patterns of thinking which can lead to some 
significant self-reflection and even some major lightbulb moments. Unsurprisingly, then, people with more multicultural experiences generate more creative ideas in business and laboratory settings.

Unfortunately, every vacation has to come to an end, eventually. Here at Sand Theory, we believe in holding on to those priceless memories you make while on vacation. Every Sand Theory bracelets for men and women is infused with sand from one of the world’s greatest havens of adventure. Check out our men’s bracelets and women’s sand bracelets, and carry the moment wherever you may roam.